Proof of Delivery

Nowadays order deliveries are getting faster and faster. The increase in the number of deliveries and customers’ growing expectations multiply the pressure on companies. Sometimes customers order a product, but it arrives late or not at all. Even when delivery runs smoothly, they receive damaged goods. In these situations, Proof of Delivery (also known as POD) provides peace of mind to your customers that they received what they paid for in perfect condition.

So, any business whose reputation depends on the speed and quality of delivering a product or service should pay special attention to the Proof of Delivery. It will satisfy the delivery experience for both the customer and the business.


What is proof of delivery?

Proof of delivery is an acknowledgment that the order arrived at the desired location successfully. If you have a food delivery, logistic, B2B, or eCommerce business, POD is the best option for you. But it isn’t limited to these two streams only; you can also use it to show that service was completed. That’s why POD is also known as Proof of Completion (POC).

POD is available in two forms:

1.  Paper POD:

A paper POD is a physical document that works as a receipt. The customers sign a paper POD when they receive a product or a service.

2.  Electronic POD:

These days, customers are more familiar with electronic POD. Gone were are the days when the companies had to wait for delivery drivers to return with paper PODs or call the customers to check the delivery status. In electronic POD proof of delivery, the customers provide electronic signs while receiving their products. Both the customer and sender can receive instant updates on the delivery when they are made successfully.

Paper POD can be lost or get damaged easily. With electronic POD, there is no need to maintain paper records to confirm delivery. So it cut down manual efforts and make things more straightforward.


Why does it matter?

POD matters because of several reasons:

1.  Safe Delivery of Important Documents

When you want to send important documents (original marriage certificate, birth certificate, passport), POD becomes essential. With the help of this advanced tool, your documents will be delivered to the right place and the proper authorities.  So, if the documents are lost, you can easily trace where the error occurred.

2.  Completes the Chain of Custody:

Accountability is essential in B2B deliveries even the package reached its destination. POD completes the chain of custody and makes sure that the goods are delivered to the right recipient. This service is more beneficial when you need to deliver products to multi-departmental businesses.

3.  Prevents Disputes

POD provides contactless interaction if customers aren’t at home. This option prevents disputes between customers and suppliers because the driver will take the photo to show evidence that the item did reach the buyer’s address. POD allows receiving confirmation of the fact that the order has been accepted by the client because of the client’s electronic signature on the courier’s smartphone screen, as well as photographing the fact of delivery of the order. Using the photofixation mechanism will also allow you to quickly resolve the situation in case of damage/marriage of goods. In this way, POD keeps the delivery staff protected from negative feedback or false customer allegations.

4.  Reduces Duplicates, Fraud, and Late Payments

Moreover, POD helps to reduce incidents of fraud, duplicated items, and late payment fees charged by sellers for the products still not delivered.

5.  Enhances Traceability

An electronic POD system brings transparency by enhancing shipment traceability across your supply chain. It enables enhanced tracking of the delivery progress, making it easy for the companies to identify the relevant delivery problems before they become significant liabilities.

6.  Increases Stock Accuracy:

With proof of delivery, companies stay organized and keep a record of successful deliveries and returns.  This thing helps the warehouse team to manage stock levels better and increase stock accuracy.

7.  Helps Monitor Delivery Progress

Electronic POD simplifies delivery processes by offering a monitoring delivery progress feature. When a driver is out in the field, you will prove that he stopped to make the delivery. So, you can improve overall off-field and on-field operations with electronic POD.

8.  Improves Customer Experience

Customers have a wide range of buying options. The companies that offer a personalized and reliable experience earn the lion’s share of their customer’s loyalty. POD helps to improve customer service and enhances customer experiences. You can build customer loyalty, improve your company’s brand image, and boost customer retention rate.

9.  Saves time

We have been living in the 21st century for a long time, and it is unacceptable for many buyers to wait for a courier during the day. Based on information from the system for planning and controlling the movement of couriers, you can automatically inform customers about the delivery time!


Why choose the Logdis POD system?

Delivery issues are perhaps the most common reason for negative reviews and negativity about a store. And vice versa, fast delivery, no need to wait for a courier during the day, informing about the progress of the delivery – create a good impression and make the client a regular. Such a client will be happy to return, recommend the store to friends and colleagues, write positive reviews online. Logdis POD system contributes in achieving this goal.

We are talking about the online service, which greatly simplifies the management of couriers and reduces the client’s waiting time. In addition, it makes information about the delivery status of each order transparent, not only for the delivery manager but, if desired, for the customers.

This software contains all the information about orders, customers, goods, payments, etc. The administrator’s workstation allows you to see the location of couriers and orders on the map, to receive a forecast about the time of arrival of the courier to the customer.

We are interested in feedback, recommendations and wishes that will allow us to make the service a convenient and valuable tool. If you are interested in implementing a POD proof of delivery in your business, buy our services.