Courier Route Planning Software

Do you run a field sales force, manage a fleet of delivery vehicles (parcel delivery or delivery of goods), or manage logistics for a company that collects and delivers goods door-to-door? Are you somehow interested in optimising the transportation of your business? Courier software is the surest way to improve your business’s operational efficiency.

The right courier route planner will cut downtime and dramatically increase productivity. This is why it is becoming popular globally.


What is courier software?

Courier software is a courier management system that determines the most time-consuming travel plans based on external factors such as traffic congestion, time of day and weather. It uses advanced algorithms to determine the most efficient route for the user. It will analyse the requirements for the carriage of goods, the vehicle’s carrying capacity, the schedule of work, and the rest of the drivers and suggest the optimal movement adjustments.

According to an estimate, the courier management software reduces the daily mileage of vehicles by 10-20%. It increases the efficient use of the vehicle fleet. Some more features are: 

Integration with GPS / Glonass tracking systems based on information received from Android devices or a GPS tracker, you receive information about the vehicle’s location. The service tracks the movement along the route of delivery of goods and records deviations in time and geography. The information is transmitted to the dispatcher for processing and making appropriate decisions.


Reduced costs

Any courier management software, if used wisely, can dramatically reduce travel times. This, in turn, reduces courier costs exponentially. Optimised routes can help you reduce costs in two main ways:

It has reduced fuel consumption

 Since the fleet spends less time on the road, fuel consumption is reported to be lower. This means that less consumption leads to lower costs.

Reduced maintenance costs

 Since vehicles do not spend too much time on the road, their normal wear and tear are reduced. This results in lower maintenance costs.

Increase Productivity

Courier route planner saves time and resources. It handles complex tasks for you. You don’t need to waste time planning routes. This increases the overall productivity of the fleet, allowing jobs to be completed faster and on time.

Increased customer satisfaction

It’s a known fact that satisfied shoppers are shopping inventory. Well, if you can offer your services on time, your customers will be happy with you. The courier management system ensures that the right driver arrives at the right customer at the right time with no return.

Helps overestimate resources

It is possible that you are using more resources than is actually required to provide or deliver services. A courier optimisation tool helps redefine the number of vehicles needed to operate. You can benefit from reduced quantities and, in turn, reduced costs.

Now you know what Courier software is and why is it important. Now you may be thinking about which software is right for your business? 


What courier management software to choose?

There are many resources that offer lists and selections of programs for optimising couriers. There are many factors to consider, such as pricing, features offered, target audience and other parameters.

When choosing a courier management software, specify which functions are included in the price and which are provided for an additional fee. Give preference to those systems, the price of which also includes technical support and updates.


Why choose Logdio?

In Logdio, the function of constructing the optimal route for the courier and calculating the time taking into account traffic jams is implemented. Tasks to the courier are distributed according to priorities and delivery time. There is a GPS-tracker function for couriers (you can track the location of the courier on the map in real-time). The software has a friendly interface. It is also possible to transfer orders to another courier (for example, in the event of a car breakdown). The best thing about Logdio is that it is affordable. You don’t have to pay a heavy amount for using this productive software. So, it’s the best solution for the job.