Route planing software

The efficiency of a transport and logistics company or a corporate vehicle fleet directly depends on the quality and speed of solving transport and logistics problems. It is necessary to focus on route management, quickly draw up accompanying documents, monitor the implementation of transport assignments, and analyze the quality of work of the transport department.

Solving these tasks in manual mode requires an impressive staff of logisticians and dispatchers. At the same time, errors in work are not excluded. An incorrectly constructed route or incorrectly filled out documents can lead to idle mileage or transport downtime, delays in delivery times, and customer complaints. An effective way to eliminate such difficulties is using Route Planning Software for automated route planning and monitoring the delivery process. A route optimization software helps you to save time and provide error-free deliveries. 


What is route optimization?

A route management software is a system with which it is possible to plan delivery and effectively build routes for your own or hired transport. It considers several conditions, such as optimal loading of the vehicle fleet and timely delivery of goods to customers. At the same time, the software allows you to monitor the work of drivers, dispatchers, and freight forwarders.

Having installed Route Planning Software, the operation of the vehicle fleet will become rational, and the costs will be minimal. And this is not the only advantage of routing optimization software. Some more advantages are:

  • unscrupulous drivers will be identified in case of any cheating;
  • the use of the car for personal purposes will be prevented;
  • road safety will increase;
  • fuel costs will be reduced by three times due to the absence of drains;
  • the number of transport downtime will be reduced.


How does route optimization work?

Route management software optimizes the routes by using satellite monitoring. This GLONASS/GPS-based tool is suitable for doing business in large fleets, logistics, or trucking companies. With the help of software installed on a PC, tablet, mobile device, the user gets access to information about the vehicle. The program generates reports on the monitored parameters of the vehicle, which are saved in different formats, and then used to analyze and optimize the operation of the vehicle fleet. 


What software to use for route optimization?

You may be thinking that route planning software work like Google Maps, but it’s not true. This app simply provides directions from point ‘1’ to point ‘2’. It is complicated to set multi-stop routes. The users have to enter the addresses manually, which is time-consuming and error-prone.

The low initial cost is tempting, but it will end up costing you money in the long run. So, Navigation apps are not an ideal solution. You should use route optimization software that is specially designed for this purpose. 


Why choose Logdio?

Logdio is a delivery planning software designed for companies with a large number of orders, vehicles, as well as with complex requirements for the delivery process.

It quickly and automatically distributes applications between performers, taking into account the requirements for each shipment. The software independently carries out transport planning, simplifying the work of personnel. Now your logisticians are versatile: they can work in previously unfamiliar places and, therefore, with several distribution centres. Because of a mobile application with a navigation function, drivers are interchangeable since they do not need to have perfect knowledge of the delivery area.


So select us for vehicle monitoring and route management. We would love to provide you a quality service.