Frequently asked questions

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It is the delivery service management system –  perfect way to manage your delivery or task and track their status. This solution works as a field service management  system, mobile workforce management software and tracking system.

Logdio is a perfect tool for almost any type of business where a large quantity of the staff works outside office walls. We have created this app having a wide variety of businesses in mind. It fits to Logistics, Wholesale, Retail, HoReCa, Utility, Service, Manufacturing and construction industries (food delivery, courier service, workforce management). We are sure that our app will be beneficial also in Your business.

First and foremost it will allow you to decrease your time spent on routine jobs. Time is money and you know it. You are able to use all-in-one software which will allow you to eliminate unnecessary paperwork, endless telephone calls, texts etc. It will allow you to be in full control of what’s happening in your business right now. You will get all necessary statistics for business decision making almost real time thus increasing your potential for bigger earnings.

Logdio is global ready. This means that you can use Logdio to track your vehicles or field staff and deliveries in any country around the world. You can manage, control, analyze and improve your service anywhere and anytime.

You can manage your business on any number of PCs.

There is no need to install anything on your PC. All you need is to register your account on the management portal. For mobile phones you just need to find Logdio on Google Play app store and install it. It’s that simple.

Our management portal supports most popular browsers such as Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc..

Definitely you can run the backend portal on your MAC, as you need just an Internet browser for that. However the iPhone is currently not supported. We are working hard on solving this issue. iOS mobile app will come out soon.

Pricing is based on the quantity of orders processed in the system. There is no need to purchase any kind of licences, servers etc. The pricing is very simple. It costs from $0,035 per order per month. 15% discount is applicable for 12 months upfront payment.

All registered business users are definitely eligible for support. In case of any issues or questions please contact us at info@logdio.com

There is practically no limit to the number of drivers or field staff you can manage and control at any one point in time. From one to ten or hundreds or even thousands of drivers or field staff, just add your staff as you grow and Logdio will track them all for you.

We are sure it fits small businesses perfectly (as well as big ones). We carefully designed our software with all types and sizes of businesses in mind. You neither need to be an IT expert to use the software nor have a lot of workplaces to get benefits of this. There are lots of small customers who get benefits of using our software right now.

Yes in fact we have many clients using Logdio for Proof Of Delivery. Our app can capture the arrival and departure time, photo about problems and reason for non-completion tasks. For example, you can capture the time you started work, photo after the delivery of your work and finally the delivery time and signature of your customer upon completion of task.

You will be able to see the delivery being updated live on the delivery orders screen, status-coded to reflect the delivery status, online analysis via filtering and grouping.

Yes. Logdio allows you to enter delivery details such as route and order number, address, client name, delivery time, order details, delivery items (SKU description, quantity). Your driver will be able to record reason for every rejected item and capture signature / photo POD and automatically send them back to your Logdio  dashboard portal for instant updates.

You can use it to perform very complex route planning with several arrival locations and multiple deliveries at the same location. Every waypoint is differentiated by address description. Each waypoint can consist of any orders for delivery, that have order number and details such as client name, SKU, qty, address and much more.

You can use free apps such as Perfect App Protector, AppLock or Smart App Protector to lock down the Android phone to be able to only use our Logdio app. These apps can lock the phone’s ability to surf the Internet, download apps, send SMS, make calls, etc.

Yes. You will see both successful and unsuccessful deliveries or tasks. You will see instantly via our dashboard of delivery completion, successful or not. You will also know  where the driver submitted the POD.

No. We’ve designed Logdio to be as simple as possible so that you do not need to go through the hassles of integrating different systems just to start managing, controlling, analyzing your deliveries and tasks. You can simply use our web forms to add your orders, tasks or import your manifest file (CSV format) into our system. If you wish for more automation, you can always integrate your system with Logdio using our API or Zapier integration platform.

No. There is no need to print any barcode or QR code on your invoices, delivery orders or waybills. Logdio works out of the box on its own, allowing your drivers to easily identify and submit POD for every delivery with just a few taps.